Biofeedback Stress Assessment

Allergy and sensitivity analysis are conducted using computerized stress assessment using the BioScan SRT. This service is currently included as a part of the Holistic and Lifestyle Consultations.  This testing helps the practitioner determine the best way to balance your body's response using various therapies.  Because stress affects everyone, it can help everyone. 

What is the BioScan SRT?

The Bioscan SRT is a new procedure that combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback and Homeopathy with Laser Light Technology.  It can help the holistic medicine practitioner see what your body is sensitive to and how it is out of balance, then help it learn not to be.

Used in various health care practices around the world, The BioScan SRT technology gives practitioners more information to consider, while trying to bring their client's energetic disturbances back into balance.

Other Important Tests: 

Got Leaky Gut or Gut Inflammation?  We also offer testing for Intestinal Inflammation, which can provide a more objective status of your gut status and a clear direction for treatment.  Through the Fluids iQ Laboratory we can determine the possible sources of enzyme imbalances, such as the stomach, pancreas or biliary system as well as bacterial imbalances.  Please contact the clinic for testing prices.

"Hormones play a key role in an individuals overall health.  Stress, mood, memory, energy, irregular cycles, weight gain/loss, sleep and libido are just some facets of our wellbeing that are directly affected by our hormone levels.  When out of balance, many symptoms can arise, often making it difficult to function.  Through the Fluids iQ Laboratory, we are able to do Hormone Tests for Female and Male Wellness and measures of key stress hormones.  Please contact the clinic for testing prices. 

Allergy testing and stress management
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