Leah Milton -  Sound Healing Practitioner

Leah Milton -  Sound Healing Practitioner


Leah’s passion is in the area of body, mind and soul balancing.  Leah uses her training and knowledge to assist others in achieving the same goals through natural alternative options.

Sound Bath/Meditations – Sound healing is an ancient system that stretches back to the far reaches of human history.  Sound is intimately intertwined with our daily practices, meditations, celebrations and sacred ceremonies.  Now, more than ever, sound is being used as an aid to meditation, as a holistic healing tool and to connect with the spiritual side of life.  Sound has both a positive and negative cause and effect upon the body, mind and spirit, and manifests both as ease and dis-ease.  Pure, clear vibrations and harmonies of sound healing instruments have the unique capacity to restore us back into harmonic balance.  Leah uses crystal singing bowls along with other soothing instruments to take her clients through a meditative journey of sounds that will assist the body in balancing the chakras, meridians, body, soul and mind.

Sound Essence - Sound Essences are subtle energy remedies created from the powerful vibration of sound blended with healing gifts offered by nature. They are purposefully formulated to enhance the three energy systems of the body; the meridians, chakras and auric field.  Sound Essences embrace the healing vibration, which are found in sound, colour, crystals and gems, positive word affirmations, sacred geometry, symbols and aroma.  These healing vibrations interact with the physical and energetic body to produce full spectrum vibrational healing for energy balancing.

Leah’s Peaceful Place – Shop for crystals, singing bowls, Sound Essence remedies, books, cards, Himalayan salt lamps and much more in Leah’s Peaceful Place.  During the summer months, you can then enjoy a leisurely walk through Leah’s fairy garden and feel the powerful connection to mother earth while discovering all the corners where the fairies like to play.

Nature Through Leah’s Eyes – Photography of nature is for sale and displayed throughout Leah’s home and designated locations.  If you love brightly colored flowers, wheat flowing in the wind, magical cloud formations and want to have a piece of mother nature through photography in your home, you will want to purchase one of these works of art.