PureEssence Studio’s Therapist, Mandy Lehman, grew up with massage therapy. She knows the benefits! She has been to more then 50+ different therapeutic practitioners, ranging from massage, energetic, spiritual, and yoga. She understands that each practitioner treats their client’s body in its own way, some more subtle than others. This understanding reflects in Mandy’s treatments, everyone is different; everybody’s physical condition when they walk through Pureessence is never the same. Mandy’s Therapeutic Massages Treatments are never alike.

Mandy is a Registered Massage Therapist, specializing in Deep Tissue Therapeutics. She is an advent user of Hot Hydrotherapy in most treatments. Hot Hydrotherapy are used in forms of packs heated in hydrocollator, a vat of water heated to 160 degrees. These packs are then placed strategically on the body to relax the muscles and provide access to deeper areas of connective tissue. Hydrocollators can be used in standard relaxation massage, or as a tool to access injured areas in medical massage. According to The Mayo Clinic, heat relaxes tightened or injured muscles, and can reduce muscle pain.

In the first Therapeutic Massage Treatment Mandy uses a full Hour and a half to understand her clients body and why they came to see her. Mandy assesses and tests the body to gain a clear picture to her clients physical ailments. Then she explains the client the reasons they are in pain or have discomforts by showing the muscles being affected and why. Helping them understand that possible repetitive movements or posture alignments they do that may cause the physical discomfort. Mandy believes in educating her clients on their condition, and offering advice on how to prevent further discomforts. Mandy hopes her clients will gain a realization of the importance of awareness of their body in their every day routine.   

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