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At Lifeways Integrative Wellness we have rooms available to rent for individual practitioner appointments as well as a sacred space for small group gatherings.  The Pura Vida Wellness Studio is also available for practitioners who want to use the space for yoga and other classes.   Our goal is to create a warm, intimate, inviting and peaceful space for healing to occur and wellness to prosper.


Room Rental Details

The Individual Practitioner Room is approximately 100 square feet.  We provide a massage table for your convenience.  You must provide your own blankets and supplies.  This rooms rents out at $45 plus GST for half a day (4 hours) or $75 plus GST for a full day.  If this room is not available, the option would be to use a small area of the Group Work Space for individual sessions.  Both options will provide a warm and comforting environment for healing to occur. 

Our Group Work Space is approximately 312 square feet.  This room rents out at $45 plus GST for half a day (4 hours) and $75 plus GST for a full day.  This is a naturally lit area with large windows.  This room is great for group meditations, singing bowl sessions and any other small group sessions of around 12 people.  We will provide chairs and tables for any classes needing these items. 

Lifeways Pura Vida Wellness Studio is approximately 550 square feet and can hold approximately 20 people comfortably.   There is a small office and greeting area as you enter into our studio.  The studio offers use of blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets to our guests who use our space.  There are cubbies to store your personal items.  We have hourly rates as well as half day and full day rates.  We also have individual practitioner rates if you would like to hold regular class times, please contact Vanessa at 306-445-8642 for these rates. 

Lifeways Integrative Wellness will endeavour to promote your event by posting on our events page*.  If you would like your event posted, please ensure that you clearly detail your event and send the necessary information along with any photos.  We will not create your marketing materials and are not responsible if you do not provide accurate information.

*Some restrictions do apply.