As humans, we used to walk this earth barefoot and as children many of us played outdoors barefoot.  Connecting our feet to the earth played a large role in healing as we stepped on rocks, pebbles and sand, allowing pressure points to be stimulated in those areas of the foot.  But, shoes have put a barrier between us and the earth thus eliminating that electrical connectivity that stimulated healing processes.

Reflexology works on the nerve pathways through reflex areas in the feet, hands and even ears.  These areas correspond to various parts of the body. 

Through feet reflexology, we can:

  • Promote relaxation

  • Reduce tension, stress and anxiety

  • Improve circulation

Reflexology services

Reflexology sessions

Help bring balance back to the body and create a sense of well-being. 

  • Initial Session (75 minutes) - $85

  • Regular Session (60 minutes) - $80

To book an appointment please contact Vanessa at 306-361-8642

Your feet walk upon the earth and through this your spirit is connected to the universe. Our feet are our contact with the earth and the energies that flow through it
Jenny Wallace, Cherokee Nation, Bear Clan

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