When it comes to supplements, Vanessa works with her clients to help them find the right supplements and herbal medicines to support their journey towards healthy living.

We work to educate our clients on the supplements they need and why they need them.

Finding the right food supplements

Finding the right supplements

Lifeways Integrative Wellness sells professionally graded products, which means they can only be sold by practitioners holding a recognized educational degree and who are able to provide education to the client who is purchasing them.

When shopping for supplements and herbal medicines, it’s good to have someone available who can help you understand the labels.  While herbal supplements in Canada are highly regulated, many out of country products, are only mandated to state what is in the bottle and not how much.

Our products are pharmaceutically tested and are in therapeutic doses —what is listed on the label is what is actually in the bottle. 

The power of probiotics

The Power of probiotics

Vanessa is a strong advocate for probiotics and believes that everyone should be on a good quality product. 

Often times, a down grade in health is the result of imbalance of the “good guys” in the flora of your gut.  It is important to have these friendly bacteria in the intestine because they perform many important functions.  Imbalances of these bacteria can occur as a result of stress, poor diet, medications and pesticides in our food.  What we end up seeing is a phenomenon called leaky gut syndrome which is damage to the intestinal lining, thus allowing toxins to freely enter into other systems of the body, resulting in inflammation. 

By helping clients introduce probiotics into their diets, Vanessa can start repairing the intestinal barrier and getting you back to your optimal health. 

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