Our Team

Optimize your wellness through Integrative and Complimentary approaches to health at Lifeways Wellness. We have a variety of practitioners to partner with you in your health.

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Vanessa Proznick-Fransoo - BScN                            Director/Owner of Lifeways Integrative Wellness

Vanessa is a registered nurse and integrative medicine practitioner.  After obtaining her nursing degree at the University of Saskatchewan, Vanessa enhanced her training with numerous courses through the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine including:

  • Environmental Medicine

  • Integrative Approaches to Prostate Cancer

  • Integrative Approaches to Mental Health

  • Integrative Health and Lifestyle

  • Integrated Health Coaching

She has also taken numerous classes in herbology and attended the Intensive Herbal Educational Retreats held by Dr. Tieraona Low Dog in New Mexico. 

Constantly continuing to advance her training and knowledge, Vanessa strives to unite conventional and natural medicine awareness in everyone she meets. Her training in conventional medicine has also included Botox Cosmetics through the Pacific Institute for Facial Aesthetics and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Treatment for face and whole body rejuvenation. Through her mission to partner with others in health she is also committed to creating a space where health practitioners and holistic healing therapies can come together to provide services in a collective space in her community.


Deenna Haubold  -  Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Deenna graduated with a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in 2006.  For eleven years Deenna has been using her knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas in her practice.  With every treatment Deenna uses the guidance of the body’s energy to aid in the treatment.  This is accomplished with hands on healing to help the client relieve their own stress and tightness within the body and to clear energetic pathways.


Shannon Iverson -  BScN, MED,  Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner

After 30 years in health care, I have worked in areas such as Women's Health and Birthing, Intensive Care, Surgery, Home Care and 12 years of nursing education.  I realize the one common thread throughout all of these areas of practice is, I LOVE PEOPLE.  I have a genuine compassion for understanding their story, and I find a sense of purpose in creating connections for people to make the best health decisions they can.


Ilona Bannerman -  HTPA, SEP, BEd.  Healing Touch Therapist

Ilona has lived in North Battleford for 29 years.  She has utilized Healing Touch Program energy healing techniques since 2002 for family and self-care.  In 2016, she decided to pursue Healing Touch Energy Medicine as a professional craft, and began taking the Healing Touch Program courses to fulfill the strict requirements for certification and licensing. Healing Touch Program is a non-invasive, gentle, integrative energy therapy used to support the human energy system, and to support healing for the whole person:  mind, body and spirit. 


 Karen Benjaminson - RMT

I became a Registered Massage Therapist after graduating with honors from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy 2,200-hour diploma program in February of 2018.

During first year, I learned about anatomy, physiology and Swedish Relaxation Massage. Throughout second year, I enjoyed learning more anatomy, physiology, and many massage techniques and treatments for specific conditions. I also completed a case study and wrote a paper on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome where I performed orthopedic special tests, collected data and did five treatments on a client. I performed my practicum hours at the Battlefords Therapeutic Massage Clinic.

I became interested in massage initially as a client with torticollis (wry neck) that came on during triathlon training. When my prior career as an agrologist ended due to the closure of the North Battleford PFRA, I knew it was time for a new career plan. I first tried Agriculture Commercial Lending with RBC, but lost interest (pun intended). Then I knew massage therapy was my true career passion.


Naomi Keating - Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Ordained Minister

Naomi Keating welcomes you as you begin your personal journey to healing.  Through various opportunities offered Naomi can help you open up to your true inner wisdom and experience enlightenment within yourself by sharing love and loving who you are.  An Ordained Minister, Naomi teaches spiritual healing courses that guide you to assess your inner wisdom while assisting you through a personal journey on a deep intellectual and spiritual experience.


Leah Milton -  Sound Healing Practitioner

Leah’s passion is in the area of body, mind and soul balancing.  Leah uses her training and knowledge to assist others in achieving the same goals through natural alternative options.

Sound Bath/Meditations – Sound healing is an ancient system that stretches back to the far reaches of human history.  Sound is intimately intertwined with our daily practices, meditations, celebrations and sacred ceremonies.  Now, more than ever, sound is being used as an aid to meditation, as a holistic healing tool and to connect with the spiritual side of life.  Sound has both a positive and negative cause and effect upon the body, mind and spirit, and manifests both as ease and dis-ease.  Pure, clear vibrations and harmonies of sound healing instruments have the unique capacity to restore us back into harmonic balance.  Leah uses crystal singing bowls along with other soothing instruments to take her clients through a meditative journey of sounds that will assist the body in balancing the chakras, meridians, body, soul and mind.


Mandy Lehman - Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

PureEssence Studio’s Therapist, Mandy Lehman, grew up with massage therapy. She knows the benefits! She has been to more then 50+ different therapeutic practitioners, ranging from massage, energetic, spiritual, and yoga. She understands that each practitioner treats their client’s body in its own way, some more subtle than others. This understanding reflects in Mandy’s treatments, everyone is different; everybody’s physical condition when they walk through PureEssence is never the same. Mandy’s Therapeutic Massages Treatments are never alike.  Mandy will continue her services at Lifeways Integrative Wellness.


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Candice Gordon - Yoga Instructor

Candice has been practicing yoga for 18 years and has made it a regular part of her practice over the last 8 years after seeing the benefits personally. 

"I was in an accident and my body had many broken bones and injuries.  I felt very depressed as I was very active.  I discovered the many hidden layers of Yoga and how it changed how I felt on a day to day basis by reducing pain and increasing stillness. 

I am drawn to the healing aspects of Yoga as it helped me heal my own body both physically and mentally.  In 2015, I travelled to Costa Rica and complete my Yoga Teacher Training.  I received a strong alignment based training, focused mainly on Vinyasa Flow. 

My passion lies in healing Yoga.  My classes are for those who think they can not do Yoga because of pain, trauma, injuries, flexibility or worse because of the body they have.  Come have some fun with my lighthearted approach.  I look forward to joining you on your yoga journey"  Namaste ~ Candice


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